If you often have to take long-haul flights for overseas business meetings, here are some tips on how you can beat the dreaded jet lag before that all important meeting:

  • Try and alter your sleep patterns before you go to more closely match the time zone of your destination, i.e. try and start going to bed a little earlier/later than usual a few days before you fly, if possible.
  • Tempting as it is to stay up all night before you travel so you’re tired and more likely to sleep, that’s a risky tactic. It’s better to be fully rested before you travel and get a good night’s sleep before you embark on your long journey.
  • Ideally, plan your flights so you arrive at your destination in daylight since you will feel more like staying awake and fitting in with your new schedule.
  • If you are due to land at night, however, avoid caffeine-heavy drinks such as coffee and energy drinks since this will affect your sleep patterns. But do make sure to drink plenty of water on board to keep yourself hydrated.
  • When you get on the plane, set your watch to the time of your destination to get yourself psychologically aligned.
  • Move around regularly and do exercises to keep the blood circulating which will make you feel better. A large brandy may also help make you feel better 😉
  • Don’t be tempted to take a sleeping pill to help you sleep on the flight. They’ll do nothing to assist the jet lag and will just leave you feeling fuzzy when you land. Saying that, on a long over-night flight, you should try to sleep. Remember ear plugs, an eye mask and ask the attendants for a blanket as these will help you to sleep.
  • Don’t be tempted to drink too much alcohol to help you sleep either, the last thing you want is a hangover and jet lag when you arrive at your destination!
  • Try to organise your trip so that you don’t have to go directly to your meeting once you land. Ideally, you should have one-half to three-quarters of a day in your new surroundings to allow your body to adjust, before you try to do anything important.
  • Start eating three meals a day in line with the new time zone, even if that means cornflakes at 11pm. (Which, if you’re a bit of a cereal fiend like me, would be no problem at all!)
Tips For Getting Over Jet Lag Before That All Important Meeting
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