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Claire Holmes, Virtual Executive Assistant

Claire Holmes is a Suffolk based virtual executive assistant, providing professional support to small business owners who want access to a flexible, reliable and efficient service but don’t want, or need, to hire a full-time assistant.

I can help your business thrive by providing you with the essential support you need, enabling you to focus on the tasks that matter, such as growing and developing your business.

“Claire is a life saver.  She just gets it.  Based in London, I run my own business as a speaker and expert in big businesses.  I run masterclasses and speak at events in banks, law firms, professional services firms like Deloitte all over the world.  

When it comes to logistics, travel & meetings Claire gets on with it. She picks up the admin; invoices payments etc, as well as help with newsletters and posts on social media. She’s a HUGE asset to the business. 

 I felt like I was drowning before. I couldn’t do this all myself.  Claire has picked up the ball and literally run with it.  From time management to following up with high profile clients,  she is just brilliant, she keeps me sane and I love working with her.”

Esther Stanhope ~ The Impact Guru

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