Congratulations! Your business is growing but you’re now so busy you simply can’t do everything yourself, you need help, but you don’t need to hire a full-time assistant. Yes, you need to hire a virtual assistant! You get the help that you need, but only pay for the hours they work. Perfect, right?! Which tasks to outsource though, that’s a good question? It’s hard to know which tasks to let go of isn’t it? Of course, each business is unique but below are 3 tasks your small business could outsource to a virtual assistant right now:

Scheduling meetings/calls

Is there anything more time consuming that trying to organise meetings or calls? Struggling to get hold of current clients or potential clients and/or their PAs? It’s even worse if you’re dealing with multiple diaries or heaven forbid, different time zones?!

Imagine how good, no, how AMAZING it would be to be able to pass that over to your virtual assistant and remove that headache from your day? I know it can be daunting to hand over your calendar to someone else but with a VA you can trust, it really will be a weight off your mind.

There is a bit of work to be done initially before your virtual assistant takes over your calendar. You and your virtual assistant will need to discuss how you like to work. What are your working hours, when do you want/not want meetings to be booked in. Do you mark certain types of meetings in different colours in your diary to highlight if it’s a potential new client meeting or current client meeting, or perhaps you block out time every Monday morning for a team conference call? It’s also worth mentioning favourite locations for business meetings/lunches, plus a run down on who your current clients are and if are there any regular meetings or conference calls that take place. Once your VA has all the background information they can literally just pick up the ball and run with it. They’ll make sure travel time in between meetings is considered, they’ll add reminders in a calendar entry if you can’t remember why you’re having the call with that person at 3pm today (we understand busy people have busy minds!), and you won’t ever be double booked again. Brilliant! What’s more, if you have to reschedule or cancel a meeting, your VA can sort it for you, you can just continue with what you’re doing with no added stress.

Another great point is that it actually makes your business look more professional if you have an assistant looking after your diary. People will know that your business is doing well if you have a virtual assistant at your disposal. The VA really is the entrepreneurs best friend!


If your small business is using accounting software such as Xero for your invoicing, a virtual assistant can certainly take over sending out your client invoices for you.  Sending out invoices to current clients is very straightforward as their details will be saved in Xero already. For new invoices, you can ask your VA to contact the client to gather the required info for the invoice (name & address details, PO number), give them the description and fee which they can plug into Xero and send out the invoice straight away for you. You can always log in to your accounting software and see what’s been done so you’ll know if invoices have been sent out on time or not if you wanted to check at any time. One less thing for you to think about!

Social media

We all know that these days social media is a big part of a small business’s marketing plan. Posting on Twitter or LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram, Pinterest or all of the above, is good for keeping your profile out there and keeps you connected with your clients/potential clients. Actually finding the content for those tweets, takes a little bit of time. A good virtual assistant would be able to assist you with a social media plan, come up with weekly theme ideas perhaps, and then assist you with the content, write posts, create eye-catching images, source quotes, relevant articles etc. They could then schedule those tweets in advance using software such as Hootsuite to make sure your posts are sent out at specified times each day to engage your community.

So, there you have it, 3 important tasks that you could hand-over to a virtual assistant, right now. So you get back your valuable time to focus on growing your business. What are you waiting for?! Contact

3 Tasks Your Small Business Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant Right Now
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