Many small businesses would really benefit from using a virtual assistant, though there are still some that are not exactly sure if it’s for them. Here’s 3 BIG benefits of hiring a virtual assistant:

1. It will actually save you money

You run your own business so your time is valuable. The hourly rate you pay yourself will be higher than what you would pay a virtual assistant so if you’re spending your own time doing tasks that you could hire a virtual assistant to do for less, you’re losing money. Plus, you only pay for the hours that a virtual assistant works for you, which gives you much more flexibility. Perhaps the number of hours of help that you need might change slightly from week to week, that where a VA comes in to its own, as you only pay for actual hours worked.

You need to be focusing your time on growing your business, winning new clients and on jobs that can’t be done by anyone else but you. So, once you off-load those tasks to a VA and you have your time back, your potential to build your business and your revenue increases, which can only have a positive effect on your bottom line.

(A VA is also cost-effective as there’s also no HR issues to deal with; no tax, National Insurance or employee benefits to think about. Yes!)

2. It will save you time

There are only so many hours in a day but there are jobs that need to be done, daily, weekly, monthly. Is your precious time being taken up arranging meetings, dealing with emails, posting on social media or sending out invoices? Outsourcing those tasks will free up your time to be better spent on more productive tasks, like making sales or gaining new clients.

Not only that, you could actually get back some personal time and get your work/life balance back to where it should be. (Imagine that?!) After all, one of the good things about running your own business should be that you can decide to take a bit more time out when you want to, right?!

3. You will be less stressed

Having a good virtual assistant there to reduce your workload will definitely take the heat off you. You will feel less overwhelmed. One of my clients once said that she was so glad that she’d hired me as she felt that I “had her back”, she didn’t have to think about everything on her own anymore and she said it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off her shoulders.

Time-consuming tasks can be a bit of a headache but if you hire a VA to do those tasks for you – ta da! Headaches gone!

So basically, hiring a VA to help your small business = more money/more time/less stress! What more could you want?!

If you’re thinking of trying a VA contact me for a chat. I’d love to help!

Top 3 Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

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