One of my clients is an international speaker, an Impact Guru – an ex BBC producer who now runs her own very successful business helping her clients have more impact and confidence in meetings, presentations and conferences.

Now I know she won’t mind me saying, her name is Esther Stanhope and after running her own business for 5 years now, this successful, well respected lady needed help! A mutual friend introduced us she knew Esther was looking for a VA, and the rest, as they say, is history!

When I started Miss VirtualEA, Esther was exactly the type of client I was looking to help. A business owner at that point where they’re super busy and just need help keeping on top of things, such as scheduling, invoicing, social media management, and keeping that diary in shape. Now this may sound simple, but there’s one thing that Esther says has really helped her since I became her virtual assistant….

What is it…….?

Adding travel time in the diary!

I know, it’s so simple, but so very effective!! Not everyone thinks to hold the travel time because you don’t need to at first with just a few meetings each week, but when your diary gets to the point where you’re getting busier and busier, and you’re travelling to and from meetings more and more, it’s absolutely crucial!  Who’s that running to get to their meeting, sweating and stressing that they’re not going to make it in time?? Not you, not now that all-important travel time is locked out in your diary!

Also, just having an assistant there to take over scheduling those meetings, confirming meetings in your diary for that week, sending out invoices, updating databases, organising your travel etc. it can make a huge difference to you – and your well-being!

So, if you’re thinking of hiring a virtual assistant because you too are at that point where your business is thriving (hurrah to you!) and you really do need some help. Look no further! If you just need someone to take away certain tasks from you on a weekly or monthly basis, Miss VirtualEA can help. I know Esther won’t mind me saying that she’s told me that she feels much less stressed now because I’m there taking over certain tasks for her and she trusts me to take care of them.  I’ve ‘got her back’, so to speak!

And by the way, if you ever have to speak in public and are looking for someone to help you have ‘impact’ during your presentation or pitch then Esther really can help! She’s amazing! Please visit her website, or contact me for more info.

How I’ve Made an Impact on The Impact Guru!

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