Have you ever sat at your desk, looking at the blank Word document on the screen, wanting to write a blog post but you have absolutely no idea what to write about this time?

If the answer is yes, I know exactly where you’re coming from! I’ll be honest, that very thing happened to me recently and it’s that which has lead me to this very blog post – hurrah!

Here’s 3 quick ways I’ve found that are really helpful when you’re well and truly stuck and need inspiration for your blog:

Search groups on LinkedIn

It’s likely that you are a member of one or more groups on LinkedIn so have a look at recent conversations in those groups and see if anything triggers an idea for your blog. Maybe someone has asked a question that you can answer, and also turn into a blog post? Or perhaps a response from someone to one of the questions has prompted you to feel the need to reply – can you turn your reply in to a blog post as well? Or is there a question that no one else in your industry seems willing to answer?!

Use a blog resource

A blog resource such as Alltop, has a huge collection of blogs for you to peruse.  If you search through this site, you’re bound to find something that will trigger an idea for your blog post!

Use Twitter

Now, this may be an obvious one as we all know that Twitter is a great place to see what’s trending and what fellow people in your industry are talking about. So that in itself could help give you an idea of what to blog about. Failing that, you can also jump on to the weekly #blogchat for ideas and tips from fellow bloggers.

Another good way to use Twitter is to use it to find out what people are saying regarding the things that you blog about – so, type in a keyword and see if any of those conversations inspire you to expand on them for your next blog post.

Right, I’d better follow my own advice, I’m off to find the topic for my next blog post, no excuses now!

#blogchat here I come, see you there!

3 Quick Ways to Help You Find Content For Your Blog

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